Hudson Yards Now

The real estate developer for Hudson Yards wanted to create excitement and attraction to their new complex. The space would represent an integration of technology and physical space so seamless, so complete, it would enable entirely new ways for people to experience a city – and for businesses to interact with their customers.

The Hudson Yards Now platform would be the responsive system that would bring it all to life for visitors, residents, and retailers alike.

Opening the app launches your Dayline, a dynamic itinerary that records and reacts to everything you do in Hudson Yards.  Your Dayline serves up personalized recommendations and services based on your preferences and history. Daylines are shareable, so you can get location-specific tips from others – and see custom Daylines created by a team of experts and tastemakers.

Visitors can plan their Daylines in advance, with reservations and white-glove services waiting for their arrival. No fumbling. No searching. Suddenly, out-of-towners feel like lifelong New Yorkers.

The app also reacts to your presence in store, pointing out things you might like based on shopping behaviors and past purchases. The more you use it, the more you’re rewarded, with little surprises and one-of-a-kind experiences waiting for you the next time you check your Dayline.  The reward for store owners? They see who’s coming to their store, what they’re coming to do, and when. And they can learn all they need to know to make their best customers even better.


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