Instagram Video Production

Our team was tasked to position Instagram Stories to be the best place for Gen Z to express themselves. In 1 year R/GA conceptualized, created and ran 1,882 unique ad units, seen by millions of people worldwide. The following year we needed to create 20,000 at the same quality. To scale our production 5x we had to drastically change our approach. I developed a new creative and production process to hit our goal consisting of 4 key steps:
Modular Design System
Streamlined Production
Scaled Asset Creation
Automated Naming & Delivery

This new internal process also required a robust management system. The platform allowed for many production teams to work within 1 central hub to manage and track all campaigns and asset production lifecycles. After the assets were produced, the tool would construct the videos then automatically name and export them. Instagram was able to view the status of assets and quality control all final outputs.


Creative Direction

Design Process

UI / UX Design

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Illustrator & digital designer
2022 - Now


Sr. Digital Designer
2018 - 2022

Urban Nest

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2015 - 2018

Green Haven

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2014 - 2015
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